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Student Dress Code - Middle School and High School


The purpose of the dress code is to establish limits on extremes in student appearance and to promote a safe and friendly environment that accepts all students. Middle and high school students are required to conform with the following dress code which calls for khaki or black pants, shorts or skirts and a white, black, crimson or gray three button or full button collared shirt. We want the focus of attention to be on student learning, not what the students are wearing to school.
Please remember that school administrators have final authority to decide if clothing complies with the district’s dress code.
Students qualifying for federally approved free or reduced lunches may be provided with assistance in obtaining the required dress code wear through written request to the school principal. Assistance provided may be limited to the availability of locally donated resources.
Colors: khaki or black
Fabric: cotton, cotton blend or twill; no jeans, denim, or sweatpants
The size of the pants must be appropriate to the size of the student’s body and not be oversized or undersized. Pants must be properly fitted to stay on at least the hip area. Leggins may only be worn with skirts. No holes in pants will be permitted. Underwear of any kind should not be visible.
Colors: khaki or black
Fabric: cotton, cotton blend or twill; no jeans, denim or sweatpants.
Length: Shorts are to be no shorter than mid-thigh.
The size of the shorts must be appropriate to the size of the student’s body and not be oversized or undersized. Shorts, like pants, should be properly fitted at the hip area. No holes in shorts will be permitted. Underwear must not be visible.
Color: solid colors of white, crimson, black or gray
Style: shirts with collars andthree button or full button
The size of the shirt must be appropriate to the size of the student’s body and not be oversized or undersized. Underwear must not be showing. Showing the midriff area even with arms raised is prohibited.
Shirts that promote, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, racial slurs and ethnic intimidation and violence are prohibited.
Note: Schools could permit students to wear school sponsored T-shirts on school spirit days designated by the principal. In addition, middleschools have the option of adding one or two shirt colors to reflect their school colors.
Students may wear crew neck sweaters or sweatshirts that are of the solid colors of crimson, black, white or gray. Middleschools have the option of adding one or two colors to reflect their school colors. All sweatshirts must have a collared color approved shirt underneath because many students are removing their sweatshirts during the day. At the high school, hoodies of the policy approved solid colors may be worn when students are in the buildings on campus throughout the day.
Jackets may not be worn when students are in the buildings on campus without permission from the Principal.
Colors: khaki or black (No denim)
Style: Straight or pleated; no slits
Length: Skirts may not be shorter than the mid-thigh area.
All students must wear some type of soled footwear at all times. This is a safety and health issue. Shoes with laces are to be tied. Shoes should be comfortable and safe for all school activities. Closed-toed shoes need to be worn for safety during recess and physical activities; otherwise, sandals may be worn.
Roller skates, rollerblades and shoes with wheels are not permitted.
Hair color is not to be extreme and is limited to special events as approved by the principal.
Hats and head coverings are not to be worn in the buildings. Hats promoting sex, drugs, racial slurs and ethnic intimidations, alcohol, tobacco, profanity and violence are prohibited at all times. Hats may be worn on special days established through the principal’s office and, if permitted, those that are in the school spirit area are encouraged.
Bandanas and “do rags” are prohibited at all times.
Please limit jewelry worn to school, particularly necklaces and chains so that it does not get lost or cause injury. Excessive, bulky, or extreme jewelry is not permitted. Jewelry or accessories with spikes or other potentially dangerous features are prohibited.
Extreme and or excessive piercing is not appropriate at school. Excessive and/or extreme piercing can lead to health issues with potential for infection and injuries.
Hairstyles that are extreme and that cause a disruption to the learning environment are prohibited. Chains worn on belts and out of pockets are prohibited. Chain necklaces that are extreme are prohibited. Clothing, jewelry and tattoos of any kind that depict gang affiliation or ethnic slur or intimidation are prohibited. This would include, but is not limited to, medallions and tooth grills. Students are urged to give proper attention to their personal hygiene and cleanliness. Personal hygiene and cleanliness have a very strong impact on student self-image as well as acceptance among their peers.
Makeup is not appropriate for elementary school.
Students who are representing the school at official functions or public events may be required to follow specific dress requirements. Usually, this applies to athletic teams, cheerleaders, band, orchestras and choirs. This would include students representing the school on field trips as well as involvement in civic/government events.
The administration may declare a special day for fund raisers, Spirit Days, etc. and will announce any deviations from the dress code.
All school staff will be involved in the dress code enforcement. Students who may be considered in violation of the dress code will be referred to the principal or his/her designee for final decisions. A student found to be in violation of the dress code will not be permitted to return to class until the dress code issue is corrected. Students refusing to comply with the dress code policy may have increasing levels of punishment under the standards of the Student Code of Conduct. The administration reserves the right to make decisions about appropriate apparel for school based on ongoing changes in our society.
Students may be required to wear some school-provided clothing to complete a school day. If you have any questions about what is permitted, please see the building principal.