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Newark Schools Reaches Excellent Rating

The school district took a leap forward by moving from an Effective to Excellent rating, according to the state report card results released by the Ohio Department of Education. This is the first time the district hit the Excellent mark.

“I commend every employee in the district and residents of the community for their efforts. Over the last several years, our staff has been working hard to raise student achievement scores and this is just a testament to that,” said Doug Ute, superintendent. “Our community should be proud of the progress we are making,” he added. 

The good news doesn’t stop there. Three elementary schools earned the Excellent with Distinction mark, while four schools reached the Excellent ranking.

For the second consecutive year, Hillview Elementary’s report card reveals an Excellent with Distinction rating. Joining them this year is John Clem and Legend Elementary schools.

The four schools with an Excellent ranking include Newark High School, McGuffey Elementary, Cherry Valley Elementary and Ben Franklin Elementary.  

While the district hit the Excellent rating for the first time, so did Newark High and Ben Franklin Elementary.

“We are ecstatic about the performance of our students,” said Melinda Vaughn, director of curriculum at the elementary level. Of the 26 possible indicators, the Newark district met 20 in the following areas:

  • Third Grade Reading

  • Third Grade Math

  • Fourth Grade Reading

  • Fourth Grade Math

  • Fifth Grade Science

  • Sixth Grade Math

  • Sixth Grade Reading

  • Seventh Grade Reading

  • Seventh Grade Math

  • Eight Grade Reading

  • Eighth Grade Math

  • Tenth & Eleventh Grade Reading

  • Tenth& Eleventh Grade Math

  • Tenth & Eleventh Grade Writing

  • Tenth & Eleventh Grade Social Studies

  • Attendance 

At the high school level, Secondary Curriculum Director Maura Hogan said students made huge improvements in six of the test indicators, recording the highest scores ever in 10th grade reading and math. The school’s performance index score also soared from 93.9 to 100.4. This measures student improvement on each test taken, regardless of their score.  

At the district level, the performance index also jumped from 93.5 to 96.4.

Although the district did not meet the Adequate Yearly (AYP) progress indicator, AYP was met in the areas of math and reading for the first time, Vaughn said.

Under the No Child Left Behind law, meeting the AYP standard means all students and all student subgroups must be at or above targets set by the state of Ohio or show sufficient progress. The subgroups the state of Ohio tracks in its report card system are broken into several categories. In Newark they are; Black non-Hispanic, Economically Disadvantaged, Multi-Racial and Students with Disabilities. 

The 2010-2011 Report Card also reveals the district met the Value Added measurement. This indicator shows the progress the district has made with its students since last school year.


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