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Citizens of the Month - December 2022
Every month, Newark City Schools honors 30 students in grades 4-12 in a district-wide Citizen of the Month Luncheon. These students were chosen as they displayed acts of leadership, kindness and service in the classroom and around the school. December 2022's event took place on was sponsored by Licking Memorial Health Systems. The Newark High School Jazz Ensemble performed. Please click here for a Facebook photo gallery. Congratulations to all students who were honored:

Newark High School:
Judith "Reese" Riley, grade 9
Jalen Johnson, grade 10
Kaleb Clark, grade 11
Sophie Bidwell, grade 12
Amelia Buena, grade 12 (C-TEC)

NCS Digital:
Draven Annarino, grade 5
Kaelyn Shaffer, grade 6

Heritage Middle School:
Jonathan Smitley, grade 6
Jordan Sampson, grade 7
Brandon Stirk, grade 8

Liberty Middle School:
Evelyn Barnes, grade 6
Garet Sayers, grade 7
Ian Casteel, grade 8

Wilson Middle School:
Cooper Moran, grade 6
Levi Lawhorn, grade 7
Kayleigh Hoar, grade 8

Ben Franklin Elementary:
Logan Hoffman, grade 4
Arian Williard, grade 5

Carson Elementary:
La'Belle Royster, grade 4
Jace Conners, grade 5

Cherry Valley Elementary:
Kyndahl Price, grade 4

Hillview Elementary:
Adeline Carlson, grade 4
Rylan Chadock, grade 5

John Clem Elementary:
James Davenport, grade 4
Lillian Pearce, grade 5

Legend Elementary:
Elle Peterson, grade 4
Curtis Harmon, grade 5

McGuffey Elementary:
Cora Dennis, grade 4
Evan Danna, grade 5