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Full-time bus drivers needed
Full-time bus drivers are needed - we'll train you! Anyone interested, please call 740-670-7045 for more information.

1)    18 years of age or older
2)    Must pass initial and annual physical examinations
3)    Must pass initial and random drug tests
4)    Be trained in the operation of a school bus and be knowledgeable of Ohio Transportation Law and Regulations
5)    Hold a valid Ohio Commercial Driver's License with a school bus driver endorsement
6)    Complete the State Department basic driver's education program within 90 days of employment
7)    Complete in-service program each year as required by the State Department
8)    Good work attendance record
9)    Must be acceptable to the Supervisor of Transportation

Reports to: Supervisor of Transportation
Job Goals: To provide safe and efficient transportation to the students of the Newark City Schools and to the students served by the Newark City Schools so they may enjoy their curricular and extra curricular activities to the fullest degree possible. 

Performance Responsibilities:
1.    Obeys all traffic laws.
2.    Observes all mandatory safety regulations and performs emergency evacuation drills as required.
3.    Pre trip inspects bus on every occasion before leaving the bus compound for any mechanical defects and submits a written work order for any repairs promptly. Any and all necessary reports are submitted accurately and promptly. Any and all necessary records are kept accurate.
4.    Notifies the appropriate School District office or authority in the case of a mechanical failure, breakdown or lateness.
5.    Reports all bus accidents and completes reports as required.
6.    Picks up and discharges students only at authorized stops and in accordance with Ohio law.
7.    Transports only authorized students
8.    Maintains discipline on the bus and enforces all on-the-bus regulations such as but not limited to: no smoking, eating, foul language, physical and mental abuse, excessive noise or general misbehavior. Files Bus Conduct Reports for misbehavior/noncompliance as required.
9.    Maintains assigned bus schedule.
10.    Reports any and all problems regarding scheduling, routing, discipline, student assignments, traffic load, time allotments or other items of concern to the Supervisor of transportation.
11.    Keeps assigned bus clean and fueled.
12.    Is reliable, dependable, and alerts the Supervisor of Transportation to a necessary absence as far in advance as possible.
13.    Is neat and clean and presents a personal appearance that is desirable and appropriate for the position of a Newark City Schools Bus driver. Extremely revealing or provocative clothing, bare midriffs, short shorts, and footwear such as sandals and flip flops are examples of inappropriate clothing.
14.    Is always polite, in action and in word, to students, parents, staff, and the citizens of our community.
15.    Performs other duties as assigned.