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Congratulations to 2015 Leaders for Learning Award recipients
Congratulations to the following three teachers for being named Leaders for Learning in 2015: Newark High School French teacher Juli Porter; Wilson Middle School Language Arts teacher Shellie Herrmann; and elementary math coach Rachel Fielhauer.

The Licking County Foundation honors teachers county-wide every year with the Leaders for Learning Award. Recipients are selected by principals and superintendents based on a teacher's belief that all students can, and want, to learn, as well as other criteria. Recipients receive an art-glass apple and the opportunity to apply for a $500 grant every year through the foundation.

Learn more about each teacher, and why she was chosen for the award, below:

Juliana Porter, Newark High School, French

Juli Porter continually looks for ways to better serve the needs of students enrolled in foreign language and strives for excellence in all she does. Whether she is working with the foreign language students or collaborating with a fellow colleague, Juli does so with a smile on her face. Juli is diligent in completing tasks and being a role model for others. She leads the foreign language department by paying extra attention to detail and comes to work everyday with a positive attitude, a willingness to lead and a desire to help her students reach the next level. Juli goes above and beyond in all she does, and her enthusiasm for teaching and learning shines through each day.

Shellie Herrmann, Wilson Middle School, 7th/8th Grade Language Arts

Shellie Herrmann has a positive, encouraging and confident manner when working with students. The students in Shellie's classroom know she cares about them and believes in what they are capable of doing. Shellie is a leader at Wilson Middle School and is willing to take on tasks in a professional and responsible manner. Currently, she is piloting a new unit of study for the district in eighth grade language arts which will lead to probable implementation throughout the district. The initiative that she has taken with this pilot program, in addition to her normal teaching responsibilities, is one example of the leadership she displays on a daily basis.

Rachel Fielhauer, District Elementary Math Coach

Rachel Fielhauer maintains high expectations for herself and for those she works with. As a former classroom teacher, she worked relentlessly to ensure all of her students were successful in all academic areas. In her current role, she models math lessons in teachers’ classrooms and provides meaningful, hands-on professional development for elementary teachers. Rachel uses probing quesitons when she is presenting and working with district teachers to help each teacher have a better understanding of the math concepts needing to be taught and understood. She implements technology into her professional development while working with teachers to model how they can incorporate and implement the information they are learning immediately into their classrooom. As a curriculum coach, Rachel holds the same expectations for the adult learners that she holds for student learners – that each learner will be engaged, successful and challenged!